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What is Montessori?

In the early 1900’s Italian educator and physician Maria Montessori entered one of the most formative periods of her life, as she began her work at an orthophrenic school devoted to the development of speaking in children. It was during this time that the beginnings of the modern Montessori Educational Theory began to take shape.


Maria Montessori based her theory on the understanding that the early years of childhood are intrinsic in forming intelligence and personality. Maria believed it was important for learning to be a liberating experience. Emphasis on independence and choice empowers the character of the individual to develop naturally.

At Bear Wood Furniture, our belief in the Montessori principles of education has led to the hand-crafting of timeless and functional pieces designed to enhance environments that your child is most often exposed to in the home. We hope that in utilising what Maria Montessori dedicated her life’s work to, we can create pieces that you and your child can love, together.

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