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Raphaella the Rotating Bookcase

Raphaella the Rotating Bookcase

This stylish bookcase is the little sister of our original Raffy the rotating bookcase. It rotates on it's rounded rectangle base allowing rotation of the books and toys placed upon it. As seen in our photos, it sits beautifully in the corner of this room, and neatly stores a large number of books all within easy access for your child.

The bookcase is 108cm tall, and sits on a 52cm wide base.The shelves are 31cm x 29cm with heights of 24cm, 27cm, and 35cm (Top to bottom), allowing for different height books/toys to be located in each opening.

Our Rotating Bookcases come hand sanded in a natural finish. They are suitable for painting or varnishing if desired.

Each product comes with visual assembly instructions and a safety & usage manual.

Shipped flat packed with all the required screws, bolts & components, as well as optional wall fixing kit and alan key included.

Please note that the colour of the wood can vary as it is a natural product. Most batches we have received recently have been on the lighter side.

More images, news & updates and discounts can be found over on our official instagram page; @bearwoodfurniture_

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